Thursday, March 14, 2024

Public Service Announcement

There's a new link in the side bar, to BullionStar. Most of you are probably familiar with BullionStar as a gold seller in Singapore, as well as host to bloggers like Ronan Manly and JP Koning.

What you may not know is that BullionStar recently expanded its business into the US. They now have three locations, Singapore, Texas and New Zealand. They now offer free shipping within the US, and custodial vault storage in all three locations. Shipping is guaranteed and fully insured, and insured vault storage costs 39 basis points per year, calculated daily. They are currently offering the first year of vault storage in Texas for free.

Torgny Persson is the owner and founder of BullionStar. In 2008, he started the Swedish bullion dealer, Liberty Silver. Then, in 2012, he moved to Singapore and started BullionStar.

Torgny has been a long-time reader of my blog, and he's been a member of the Speakeasy since it opened in 2015. In fact, I met Torgny in person, as well as Ronan Manly, at a money conference in Las Vegas a decade ago.

You'll notice four links under the BullionStar ad. The ad itself will take you to the .us website, or you can go directly to .com, or It doesn't technically matter which one you choose. You can pick your language and currency at the top right of the page. I checked, and their prices are right in line with APMEX. Their aim is to consistently have lower prices than APMEX and JM in general. Their prices adjust in real-time as the POG changes, and you can see prices in any currency: USD, EUR, Singapore dollar, Japanese Yen, GBP, AUD, Swedish Krona, New Zealand dollar, even BTC, BCH, ETH and Litecoin.

That's right, you can buy gold directly with your BTC at BullionStar!

You can take delivery anywhere in the world, but depending on your location, there may be a shipping charge. In the US, however, it's free shipping, usually within one or two days. And, like I said, they also offer secure, insured, allocated and segregated storage. All of their own inventory and customer inventory in Singapore, US and NZ is allocated and segregated. They even segregate fungible gold like coins, and they don't mix customer gold with the gold that's for sale.

Now, here's something they don't advertise on the website, but I asked, because some of my Speakeasy members have asked about offshore storage options, and I've recommended BullionStar because I know that Torgny understands the dynamics of Freegold and the overnight revaluation. And, now that they have three locations around the world, they will facilitate a location swap on a case-by-case basis.

So, say you buy $50K worth of gold and store it in their Singapore vault, and then in a year or two (or after Freegold), you change your mind and want to take delivery here in the US. BullionStar will facilitate a location swap from Singapore to the US, and then deliver your gold to you via insured, secure delivery.

Because all stored gold is allocated and segregated for the customer, there will be a cost associated with a location swap and delivery, but it's still a unique service that they can provide.

So, as you can see, BullionStar is a pretty unique offering, with three locations, storage and delivery, competitive pricing, they accept payment in any currency, even crypto, they are Freegold-friendly, and I now have the owner and his US representative, Jesse Colombo, at the Speakeasy. So Speakeasy members can ask them questions in the comment section, and have the confidence of knowing who they're dealing with, and that they're dealing with a gold dealer who understands Freegold. Because, frankly, buying gold over the internet makes a lot of people nervous (me included).

They also just started an affiliate program, and invited me to participate. The deal is this: If you buy gold through the links on this blog, then I get 25% of BullionStar's profit margin. That's a pretty generous share! You won't pay any more than you will elsewhere, and I'll get a cut. And if you buy enough that my commission would cover a Speakeasy membership, send me an email and let me know what you bought, and once I confirm it, I'll apply it to a Speakeasy membership fee, and let you in. My email address is on my profile page, which is linked in the side bar.

The links work by placing a 90-day cookie on your computer if you click through from one of my URLs, so if you are blocking cookies, it'll still work, but only if you buy during that session. Be sure to click through from here when you're ready to buy. The fourth link can be shared with anyone. So, if you convince a friend or relative to buy gold, you can give them that link and I'll get the credit.

I even shared that link with Craig Wright, who just lost the Satoshi trial today:

He may have lost, but that doesn't mean he's not Satoshi. Courts make bad decisions all the time, especially lately. So, if he is Satoshi (and I say if, but iykyk), then he could buy 4 of these 400 oz. good delivery bars...

...or 50 of these kilo bars, with just one of the thousands and thousands of 50-coin blocks from 2010 that he has hiding in plain sight:

That's right, a kilo of gold right now costs the same as 1 BTC. BTC to gold right now, especially for someone like Satoshi whose cost basis for his BTC was almost nothing, would be the most epic swap in the history of the universe. It would be like hitting the Mega-millions lottery twice. The timing would be godlike. Trading BTC at the ATH, right before the bubble pops, for gold, right before the Freegold revaluation. That's the kind of trade that would make it into history books. That's how to become a true legend. And you can too, if you have some BTC. Just think about it. It's the kind of move your grandchildren and their grandchildren will be talking about for generations.

And if you do it at BullionStar with one of my links, then I can proudly say that I had a small part in the most epic trade ever, so be sure to let me know if you do. 😀