Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ultimo Contango a Parigi

Here's another great article from Antal E. Fekete, just out today. I think of Fekete as a kind of a technician who has figured out a technical way to track and receive an early warning sign just before Another's predictions become reality. There are many similarities between Fekete's writings and Another's and FOA's.

This article touches on why governments (and fiat currencies) view gold as an enemy, manipulation, the final end game, and the ongoing separation of the paper and physical price of gold.

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom. Here's a taste:

"That will be the most dramatic event in the entire history of money, an event that I have, tongue in cheek, called "The Last Contango in Washington". The basis will give you an early warning signal...

...The basis will tell you well in advance when all the offers to sell real gold or silver are about to be withdrawn in all the markets of the world. Once that happens, infinite demand will confront zero supply. Don't say it can't happen here. It has happened locally in France in 1796, in Germany in 1923, in China in 1947, to mention but three episodes. This time it will happen globally

Basis is Fekete's secret weapon. It is brilliant in my opinion. To learn just a little bit more about it, please read this piece he wrote more than two years ago called The Last Contango in Washington.

"People from around the world keep asking me what advance warning for the collapse of our international monetary system, based as it is on irredeemable promises to pay, they should be looking for. My answer invariably is: watch for the last contango in silver."

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Robert LeRoy Parker said...

Is the last contango in silver happening right now? Backwardation would suggest so, no?

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