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July 17, 2009 - Apparently the Freegold.com domain is no longer linked to this blog and is, in fact, for sale.

The mention in "Call Me Contrarian" that read: "Here at Freegold.com we like to call it FREEGOLD" has been changed to read: "Here at FOFOA..."


The owner of FreeGold.com has graciously linked that domain directly to this blog. That owner is GoldForum.com and I would like to thank GoldForum for the link. You can now access this blog by simply typing freegold.com into your browser...

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FOFOA said...

Here's an update to the article from Larry Edelson: Link

Given the importance of all this and the high probability that some tinkering by the G-20 is already in the works, I’d like to elaborate a bit more on the subject, and then answer some questions I’ve received.

Q: What role do you think silver will play in a new monetary system?

A: None. Silver is not a monetary metal and, contrary to wide belief, it is not in short supply.

This is consistent with the message of A/FOA.

Q: How do you see gold stocks responding?

A: To the moon!

This is NOT consistent with A/FOA. So be careful with this advice. Gold stocks are Larry's business, so of course he's going to say this. But Another and FOA said, and it makes perfect sense, that gold mining operations will be so heavily taxed that the stocks will become practically worthless. This is because gold miners basically become the same as Central Banks in their ability to create "money" in a FreeGold world. The other possibility is that governments simply take over the gold mining operations, also bad for the stockholders.

Q: When and how long do you think it will take to implement? It apparently did not come up at last weekend’s G-20 meeting.

A: I am sure it’s already been discussed. If the global economy and deflation worsen by the next G-20 meeting in April, I suspect the discussions on a new monetary system will be accelerated.

I estimate it would take a year to transition to it.

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