Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is big IMO

Someone just sent me this video as a forward, so I'm stringing two random things together here. Watch the video and imagine the guy flying close to the road is Ben Bernanke, or Hank Paulson, or Barack Obama, whoever you believe is in charge of US monetary policy. Now think about his trajectory. It is well planned out. It can be predicted. In fact, he is flying straight toward a great deflation in which he can print as much money as he wants and it will keep INCREASING in value. How great is that?

The problems come when something goes wrong. And in the case of the current print and spend monetary policy, that problem is when my (FOFOA's) point of view becomes the common point of view. In the flying video, that is kinda like a rebar marker sticking out of the side of the hill. It really messes with your trajectory in catastrophic ways.

Well, that rebar just caught Mr. Money in the nuts. Drudgereport has taken this counterfeiting party in Washington mainstream now.

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In case you don't know Drudgereport, Drudge gets millions of hits a day. A lot of the mainstream media get their cues for what stories are hot from Drudge (though they will rarely admit it). It is true.

In the last 24 hours, Drudgereport has had 24 million visits. It has had 630 million visits in the last month.

So Drudge picking up this pitchfork is not good news for the moneyprinters. Here are the headline links. Watch for this theme in the news today.

Detroit school seeks toilet paper, light bulbs 'to keep functioning'...
President-Elect Signals $775 Billion For Stimulus May Grow...
Faces battle...
Fed faces tough task ending emergency support...
China may balk at buying more US debt...

More from Denninger: And So It Begins...
"Time may be running out at a much faster rate than I had thought."

Jan. 8, 2PM EST

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