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Gold is not a commodity. The CBs have used every weapon to keep it's price low . Understand me, Gold is now, today, a devalued currency being used in world trade!

How much further can they take this? The world private stockpiles that could be sold have been. The CBs are heavy into their own stuff now and are over their heads if they had to make good on all the private deals ( read my other posts ) . The economic game is ending! Watch closely as the world currencies and markets fall one by one. Watch in absolute wonder as the demand for oil plunges and it's price goes thru the roof. Yes, oil stocks will crash with the markets. And gold? You will never know it's price. It will stop all trading as it slices thru $10,000+.

Who am I? As I will not be around for long so I am nobody. But, follow with me as all of this takes place in your time.

Hear me now, what the wealthy and powerful know: "real value does not have to always be stated or converted throughout time. It need only be priced once during the experience of life, that will be much more than enough!" Worldwide the oil business is still conducted in dollars. But, an interesting side show is now taking place that will change the way we think about gold and oil!

I offer this, do not use the solid reasons for owning physical gold, as a purpose to trade it. Your profits from such trade, will, on the last day, in the heat of fire, burn as paper does! Sir, the world is going to change, and the rules of engagement will also change. Gold will be repriced, once! It will be enough for your time of life.

In this day, as not in the past, the loss of paper value as a concept will destroy the very foundation of wealth that this economic system is built on. This drama has started and is well underway!

In the world today there are only three assets, gold, oil and currencies. The paper currencies, so long admired and accepted are now in a war of self destruction. They will consume each other in an end battle of "I'm the last man standing but have lost all use as a unit of value".

Ever wonder why the US treasury has not sold gold, it would have the opposite effect! The oil that since the early 70s, held together the world monetary system is now causing it to slide apart! We are not going to see inflation or deflation again. What we are now seeing is the "destruction" of our paper monetary system.

The actual buying of gold ( no other metals ) by huge players is not a prediction, it is ongoing.

The price of the metal in currency terms will be made for all to see as it moves quickly upward for a very short period of time
( 30 days ) . After that only black market traders and third world nobodies will understand it's price!


FOFOA said...

New Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

"Traders already whisper that some governments are buying their own debt through proxies at bond auctions to keep up illusions – not to be confused with transparent buying by central banks under quantitative easing. This cannot continue for long...

Commerzbank said every European bond auction is turning into an "event risk"...

US hedge fund Hayman Advisers is betting on the biggest wave of state bankruptcies and restructurings since 1934...

For now we must fall back on the Fed, the Bank of England, and fellow central banks, relying on QE (printing money) to pay for our schools, roads, and administration...

One wonders if Mr Bernanke regrets saying so blithely that Washington can create unlimited dollars "at essentially no cost"...

Research by former IMF chief economist Ken Rogoff and professor Carmen Reinhart found that spasms of default occur every couple of generations, each time shattering the illusions of bondholders. Half the world succumbed in the 1830s and again in the 1930s..."

Natural Jubilee... the curse of usury... this time it will be compounded by the curse of a collapsing fiat currency system. Nowhere to hide. Well, almost nowhere.


Martijn said...

Interesting quote from Ambrose.

Did you notice the IMF selling bonds?

Seems like they're trying everything to prevent value from dripping out of paper (into gold).

Martijn said...

And here we can read that cracks are opening up in the IMF.

A split also erupted between the United States and Europe over a call by Washington for a far-reaching shake-up of the IMF that would give a much bigger say in its operations to emerging market countries, led by China, at the expense of Europe.

(Got both articles linked from

Martijn said...

And one for bonus: the ECB today said that the demand for large notes (€100 and €500) has increased, especially outside the Eurozone.

Is the other shadow economy (practices outside of the law) perhaps beginning to diversify out of the dollar?

FOFOA said...


I cannot think of a more clear Ponzi scheme than IMF bonds. The IMF produces nothing and has no populace to tax. All it does is play usury-based fiat Ponzi games on an international scale. What a complete joke. The IMF was created as part of Bretton Woods to distribute gold among nations as a balance for currencies. It should have been dissolved in 1971.


Anonymous said...

i'm new to this blog, but was reading these comments, and am not sure i understand the format or pretense of tidbits. who said these things? one person? many? when were they said? where? again...i'm a bit confused, but these are powerful statements. thanks

FOFOA said...

Hello Anon,

I apologize for not attributing those (TIDBITS!). Most people that read this blog know that they were written by "Another". Look at the title of the blog. A tribute to Another and his friend. His friend is "Friend of Another" or FOA. The links to these two mysterious posters are the top two in my "Favorite Links" on the right side of the blog. They were all written between 1997 and 2001!

You can read my post "I Love This Intro" to get a good introduction to Another. I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

thanks so much. i delved headfirst into the past month on here and came up somewhat short and didn't do my DD in researching the history and philosophy of the blog. I got here via Jim Sinclair and Martin Armstrong's writings (more specifically on researching Sinclair's term "alf's number"). so thanks for that clarification and the wonderful insight. I look forward to learning about all these friends, and anothers :) as well as the excellent insight i'm reading here. I'll probably even post with questions now and again. thanks for the quick reply!

FOFOA said...

Well then, welcome!

I suppose you have already read this one, but here is the seminal piece on "Alf's number". Alf Field projects gold somewhere between $10K and $20K. I have read that Jim Sinclair has been putting it at $17K in live talks, but in writing he just says "Alf's number". Another put it at $30K, but that was a while ago. I believe his 100x projection still applies today, against today's purchasing power of the dollar. Therefore I believe Another puts it at between $30K and $100K under Freegold, without the need for hyperinflation.

I don't know if you have come across some of Steve Hickel's numbers on this blog. But he speculates even higher than Another at times.


Anonymous said...

thanks again for the quick reply. I did check out a bit of Alf and had seen him on the online version of the GATA Gold Conference video (Gold Rush 21), which I am trying to get a copy of from my library to watch).

I thank you for the link to Alf's number, I probably have not read it, so I will so indulge.

At this point, I'm more concerned with the geopolitical and geoeconomic aspects and potential for this global shift, and I will tell you that I have a very intriguing background as well (though it was relatively brief and pales in comparison to the likes of people who live in the higher echelons of global finance and politics). I will probably entitle myself on here as PermaculturePrana, when I get around to signing my name (just haven't out of convenience).

In any event, since I'm a relative neophyte in the world of precious metals, valuations, etc. I'm more interested in the physical protection of those physical metals.

Questions that I have additionally have to do with security of property. Sadly, with all the intrigue I've read over the internet keeping us abreast of the geopolitical and macro-economic aspects to the PMs, little guys/gals like me probably have a lot of questions and though have asked many of these questions, haven't received very satisfying answers, which seems to suggest the utter insecurity of this supposed security.

Questions like (assuming US citizenship and residency): is keeping them in the US best? if outside where are the best countries? the best types of places for storage? what will the endgame of the valuation probably look like? given various scenarios of post-deflationary depression (unlikely to be the big event), massive Weimar/Mugabe hyperinflation, or the coming transitionary bubble, etc. I'd love some excellent resources on ideas of those things as well as understanding the inner workings and mechanisms of the various institutional players and power-brokers.

Anyway, lest I ramble on, thank you for the welcome.

One final question before I finish: what exactly does FOFOA stand for (Forum Of Friend of Another?? Random and unlikely guess). I do realize this is a tribute, but curious to burst the acronymic mystery.

thanks, FOFOA.

Anonymous said...

oh..and I definitely had read that article, thanks. :)

FOFOA said...

Mr. Prana,

I am curious to hear your intriguing story if you wish to share.

Regarding security, I would say that secrecy is the best security there is. You don't need a safe if you keep your mouth shut. If you want to brag, buy some big guns and brag about them.

As for where to keep them, I say keep them close.

Your PM's are more secure than a Cayman Islands account if you keep them secret.

I wouldn't even think about foreign country storage unless you are converting more than a million to PM's.

Read my posts about Chaos theory. It is much easier to predict the final outcome than to predict all the twists and turns along the way. Hyperinflation, deflationary depression, devaluation, revaluation, collapse... it all ends the same way. Read my hyperinflation posts. I think that is where we are heading.

As for FOFOA, I leave that up to you, the reader. But that is a good one I had not thought of.


Anonymous said...

I can give the short answer here, a more in-depth answer elsewhere. I helped expose the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin, of Israel, as an inside job with orders from France and the Vatican.

Also, I grilled Shimon Peres on his secret Policy to give Jerusalem to the Vatican some 15 years ago, though he denied it then (just recently he came public after nearly 16 years of denials).

I'll leave it there for now, and like I said, I was a brief and extremely small player in geopolitics, Israeli politics, and US politics, but it was enough to help me understand that power is an even more corrupt and abusive institution than my relatively inexperienced (though relative to the general public not so) and naive self could imagine at a relatively young age.

More importantly, it whet my appetite for truth and desire to find it in any way, shape, and form I could. Also, I tend to focus on the details and mechanisms, but like to keep the general picture in mind as well.

We'll chat. it's a pleasure to meet you and join your forum of other seekers.

I didn't realize FOFOA didn't stand for anything. cool. i'll think of something which suits me then :P


FOFOA said...

Well that does sound intriguing. I'll look forward to hearing more.

Just think of FOFOA as a friend of a friend.

It's nice to meet you too. Welcome.

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