Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glossary of Acronyms

$IMFS - The dollar international monetary and financial system (Wall Street and its global reach + the dollar reserve currency + all $-denominated debt globally)
A/FOA - Another and Friend of Another (see archives linked on the blog)
BB - Bullion Bank
BIS - The Bank for International Settlements (Central bank of central banks)
CB - Central Bank
CBGA - Central Bank Gold Agreement (same as WAG)
CFTC - Commodity Futures Trading Commission
COMEX - Commodities Exchange (US)
ECB - European Central Bank
ECBMB - ECB member banks
ECB-MTM - ECB's mark to market concept for gold reserves (freegold, or free floating gold price)
ECU - European Currency Unit (prior to the euro)
EMU - Economic and Monetary Union of Europe
EU - European Union
IMF - International Monetary Fund (part of the $-faction)
LBMA - London Bullion Market Association (UK)
ME - Middle East
MTM - Mark to Market
ROW - The Rest of the World
RPG - Reference Point Gold
SDR - Special Drawing Rights (IMF super sovereign currency)
USG - United States Government
WAG - Washington Agreement on Gold (same as CBGA)


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Perhaps useful in GLD related discussions:

AP - Authorized Participants

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