Thursday, October 8, 2009

Richard Maybury Videos

Why Are Governments So Stupid?

The Attack on the Dollar

These last 3 videos are a reading of What Obama Does Not Know, which I posted here as text on May 25th. Some of you have probably read it already, but it is worth another look, especially the part about velocity and money demand which begins at 8:06 in part 2 and runs through 4:45 in part 3.

What Obama Does Not Know


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for sharing the videos, Fofoa. "What Obama Doesn't Know" was simple and elegant. Maybury does sound a bit like Mr. Rogers, funny...

Anonymous said...


have you thought about filming your views on youtube?

The more people we have talking about the coming changes the better....

Anonymous said...

You were right, simplistic.
Definitely he seems to be targeting old women or perhaps pre-Alzheimers. Plus I seriously doubt that there will be better times in a 3-5 years.

There's just too much debt (especially public) to believe we'll pull out of this without a serious falling out. Debt will be a ball and chain on the US even while the Gov furiously digs us deeper into a hole by rendering the dollar worthless.

What's become of this country?
No more fiery, impassioned revolutionists. Is that to be attributed to aging baby boomers? the solidifying effects of modern media? obesity?

Nevermind.... I'm off to "" and vicariously search for my dream date.

Martijn said...

Stating that the Fed is ready to tighten liquidity when the time is right is the new strong dollar policy.

S said...

"NEM might be preparing a hostile bid for Newcrest Mining Ltd. (NCM:AU), the Australian Financial Review reported"

Will be interesting to see how the NEM approach is treated - one bets the attempt will be rebuffed on security grounds -- if anything this is a fantastic tell on the scramble

Blindweb said...

Having an understanding of ecology and the limits of Newtonian Physics tells me he has a very broad/solid knowledge base.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we give a party for Mr. O?

So much about peace, freedom and European corruption going hand in hand with the American one! Spit disgust

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the demand that economists should declare their philosophies when they make statements. But, even if I am not a "socialist" I don't agree with his definition of taxes. Brutal force by the government, c'mon. Taxes are the fees people & companies pay to partake in the fruits of society - the infrastructure in which they can exist and hopefully prosper. The american attitude that I am free don't bother me is old and outdated. The cowboy days are over, you just cant rape & pillage and then move on west. The US tax attitude and this stupid (his word) idea that the government is dumb is proof that reform and (scary word) regulation! is what's needed. Even though all gióvernments can be critisized, no other government has in the name of democracy squashed so many weak to create so few vulgarily rich. And BTW he reveals himself in the end of part 3. He wants the smart to be even richer. Of course he thinkt governments are stupid

Horea said...

The new golden age will come trough a war, unfortunate!

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