Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 5 - Poll Results

After 22 months of writing The Gold Trail, FOA disappeared, saying, "My spirit is low, I will walk this trail in silence."

It was a sad day for many who followed FOA quietly, while a vocal minority hectored him right off the trail.

Perhaps he should have held a fund raiser, like my Public Opinion Poll, because it raises not only funds, but also the soul. Apparently the silent majority does not like being overrun if given a vote in the matter.

My spirit is high. I will not walk this trail in silence!

Poll Results

The poll will remain open for anyone who would still like to "vote," but the winner can now be called. The blog beats McDonald's in stunning fashion!

Total donations over the past four and a half days are $10,775.50!

I am finding it challenging to express the level of my gratitude. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who voted! I am humbled, touched, elated and flattered by each and every one.

And again, the comments have been great. Here are a few more:

Use the fiat quickly.

For making some changes in the world, here's my bet you did. Not much, but I hope it helps. With sincere regards.

Because my blog world would not be the same without you. Wish I could give more.

Message: thanks for thought-provoking (and challenging) writings

Consider renaming yourself FOE? Friend of Everyone / FOE but banksters!

Purpose: FOFOFOA

Purpose: Promoting swirled peas. Seriously: Truth is not free!

Purpose: consider me as a FOFOFOA

Thanks for your service!

I hope this small donation will help convince you that your efforts are truly worthwhile. Please continue this blog. Thank You

Write, don't flip

Because You Deserve It

thanks fofoa for a great site

Keep on keeping on! You have one of the few intelligent blogs and commentary out there. Good luck in your endeavors. From ____ Alaska (where I can see 5 working gold mines from my front porch!)

Purpose: Support FOFOA.

I worked at McDonald's for 3.35 an hour long ago. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for enabling me to sleep peacefully, knowing I'm secure.

Read the min was $50 - here is another $40.

Tx for your wonderful job. Hope we, your worshipful followers are gonna celebrate with you soon! No burgers for you!

From Shelby with Love. Just kidding. Wish you the best..

Don't flip burger, flip GOLD (First of more to come)

Purpose: Continuing education ;)

I bought The Mogambo a beer, so why not buy FOFOA a Big Mac? We may never meet, but you are one of my best friends. Thank you.

Purpose: keep blogging!!

I owe you.

Purpose: keep throwing

Cheers FOFOA - A quick $100 to hopefully help stave of the immediate issues and I hope I can also add more monthly.

Donation to FOFOA for superb analysis, Start a paid service, I will be pleased to subscribe!

Keep the good writing coming!

To hear the birds sing you must feed them in winter.

Thank you all so much! Like your gifts, my gratitude can only be described as "epic." [1]

Your humble blogger,


Greyfox "It's the Debt, Stupid" said...

Now that we all have something to celebrate (FOFOA's continued writings), perhaps a couple of quotes about governments would be suitable. The first from myself and the last from more than a few years ago.

The Yankee Dollar in the near future will have the value of used toilet paper, the symbol of a arrogant, dying empire. The Yankee Dollar has been abused by the printing press and the wiping an empire's backside.

“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

S said...

lets see:
-G20 fail, while Greece coming back to the bond markets (lol) and Spain having to roll 30-40B Euro in July)
-Turkey shuts down airspace to Israel
-CIA say Afghan is "slower" than expected while chief says Iran has enough for 2 nukes
-Past few weeks tensions rising between Armenia/Azeri as rumored US/Israeli troops mass
- Russia cuts Israel out of proposed pipeline
-China says all that de-pegging appreciation talk last week was misquote
-BIS openly ridiculing the Fed in its annual
-RBS out saying another massive printing regime coming from the Fed (perhaps vocalizing what anyone paying attention knew long ago)

You can hear the screams from Water Street to Frankfurt to Kabul to Okinawa: "HOLD THE LINE."

It was Maximus in Gladiator who said: "I knew a man once who said, "Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back." Perhaps there is no greater insult then when the smile turns to laughter.

Pining for the Fjords said...

FOFOA- The fundraiser was great and I am sure you are humbled and gratified. Now let me suggest that you should be making this much every month or two, at minimum, for 'fair-value' for what you do. Get some ad revenue up and running on this site, and TESTIFY, BROTHER!

Flore said...

flip burgers...

Ender said...

Ah, FOFOA, an idle man you are not!

The savings that you have spent to buy the time to blog will, undoubtedly, be returned your way many times over. Do not think your time has been spent casting bits into the giant void of the internet, but rather know that you were simply planting seeds.

The seeds have sprouted.

Make sure to spend the silver tossed your way on items that will enhance your ability to fund your blogging. I would advise finding an editor (simply ask) and creating an ebook. Give away the last 6 months in your archive, but ask for two silver coins for the rest.

If you can speak, opening yourself up to lecture would go hand in hand with a book of some sort.
Might be worthwhile to investigate Wordpress and grabbing a domain (I vaguely remember you having one a long time ago, yet I may be incorrect).

There are many different ways in which you, FOFOA, could make a living selling words – about freegold.

Always though, as I’ve stated many times before, freegold will only unfold when we-the-people revalue gold on a personal level. Gold is our store of value. Gold is our means of settlement. Gold is how we trust in our transactions.

As your words reach people, they will develop a sense of trust in their decision. If you can continue to convey that confidence, the people will share their gold with you.

The future is at hand and so should be your gold!

dojufitz said...

I agree with Ender. You should up the ante on your profile. I suggested Youtube - only because there are many people on there desperate for info on Gold and Silver and what they really are.

Look at Mike Maloney....he was not known until Kiosaki convinced him to write a book.

And now he has a DVD coming out soon which will educate millions of people - lets face it people don't read books anymore - perhaps a FOFOA DVD would be a great idea?

Unknown said...


Folks is talkin' 'bout de money, 'bout de silvah an' de gold;
All de time de season 's changin' an' de days is gittin' cold.
An' dey 's wond'rin' 'bout de metals, whethah we'll have one er two.
While de price o' coal is risin' an' dey 's two months' rent dat 's due.

Some folks says dat gold 's de only money dat is wuff de name,
Den de othahs rise an' tell 'em dat dey ought to be ashame,
An' dat silvah is de only thing to save us f'om de powah
Of de gold-bug ragin' 'roun' an' seekin' who he may devowah.

Well, you folks kin keep on shoutin' wif yo' gold er silvah cry,
But I tell you people hams is sceerce an' fowls is roostin' high.
An' hit ain't de so't o' money dat is pesterin' my min',
But de question I want answehed 's how to get at any kin'!

Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the football opium to the G20 meetings ?

GG said...

Congratulations on your excellent fundraiser FOFOA! Another excellent mind saved from being extinguished in the prison of mindlessness that is our world today.

BTW, didn't FOA stop posting shortly after 9/11? Considering these guys were probably high placed in government/CB circles it doesn't seem likely they stopped posting for lack of funds. It is my conjecture - and I may be wrong - that the unexpected turn of events (i.e. 9/11) derailed/delayed the Euro camp's plans which is why they probably stopped posting (and from what I've read of their writings so far, it seems that their timeframe for a dollar collapse was much earlier i.e. near the beginning of the decade). Thoughts?

miked said...

Much as I would like FOFOA to profit from his writings I fear that a profit motive on the site would dilute the message. I can't help but take with a pinch of salt the message from Gold sellers. I always ask myself who is giving me the information.

The fact that the site's purpose is no more than supplying information testifies to the quality of that information.

Greyfox "It's the Debt, Stupid" said...

Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:56pm EDT
Scrap dollar as sole reserve currency: U.N. report

(Reuters) - A new United Nations report released on Tuesday calls for abandoning the U.S. dollar as the main global reserve currency, saying it has been unable to safeguard value.

Greyfox "It's the Debt, Stupid" said...

History is no guide

Gold Going to Parabolic Top of $10,000 by 2012 – For Good Reasons

1. The revelation, outlined above, that there is insufficient physical inventory to meet new investment demand for ownership and delivery of physical bullion, is about to blow the price lid skyward.
2. As public awareness of sovereign debt mounts, it will drive home the reality of mounting government insolvency.
3. Confidence in currencies will wilt commensurately.
4. Investment demand for real gold and real money as a safe haven investment will expand exponentially.
5. These events should take place from mid 2011 through 2012 and extend further out toward 2015 before demand is satiated.
6. The dramatic price increases in gold and silver will at that point also satisfy the unstated desire of central banks and politicians to devalue their currencies in order to assist them in meeting their debt and unfunded liabilities.

Dave Narby said...

From Jesse's Cafe

Interestingly, I emailed him and he does not agree with FOFOA's scenario... Hmm...

Greyfox "It's the Debt, Stupid" said...

Kind of sounds like Eric King has been reading FOFOA's blog.

The very fabric and the seams of the financial system are coming apart. Who knows what the timetable is for the implosion of the current monetary system? We are witnessing the greatest wealth transfer in history, and the horrors of the aftermath of this tragedy will not be forgotten for decades. Keep in mind that the stark warnings from today’s annual BIS (Bank for International Settlements) report are the very reason why it is so important for all readers globally to protect themselves and their families by owning gold.

Gold is often referred to as an insurance policy, and it is one insurance policy you cannot be without when the financial system ultimately implodes. You must own gold to be on the right side of the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Saul said...

Fantastic! It give me hope that the "community" can support a free-thinker such as yourself. I am glad to be a small part of that too.

I hope you have enough $ to convert at least some of this into gold. It would be a great shame if you missed the Freegold event of which you speak, don't you think?

Mostly I am pleased with how this must make you feel - proud of what you have achieved, and motivated (determined?) to carry on the good fight! I hope so! You are "unemployed" NO LONGER! You are employed by us, your readers!

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