Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Debriefed #1 – Matrix Sentry

Here's your October surprise. I'll bet none of you saw this one coming!

A couple of weeks ago I came up with a crazy idea. Over the past three years I have declined several interview requests, not so much because I wanted to remain anonymous, but more so because this blog is not about me; it is a tribute to Another and FOA. But it's also about you, the readers and supporters who use this blog as a Freegold discussion forum!

I have remained anonymous for more than four years now, but after I started accepting donations in 2009, I began getting to know some of you less-anonymously. And I came to find out that I had some pretty interesting followers! Among those of you who have supported this blog over the years are a multi-billionaire, a member of a European Royal family, a pilot for a major airline, an oil rig designer who travels the world to remote drilling sites, a private contractor working for the US military in Afghanistan, several doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, and one of my favorites, a chatty small town barber.

So I thought, how fun would it be for me to interview you? I immediately started putting together a list of people who I'd like to interview, beginning with a few who I thought might be exceptional "early adopters" of such a groundbreaking concept. My preliminary list included more than 30 of you who I hope will do this. But I had to start somewhere, so I picked three who I knew could keep a secret! ;-)

Back in August my computer crashed and I had to get a new one. And, once again, Warren James helped me salvage some of my files. But this time he wanted to help me via Skype. I had never used Skype and I was surprised at how easy it was to use. So with a little research I learned how to record a basic interview using Skype. And so far I have recorded interviews with three of you, learning curve, technical difficulties and all!

Debriefing is another term for interviews used mostly by the military, a sort of "exit interview" after an important mission. But it is also used by those who help people after they have left a cult, either voluntarily or involuntarily. And for those of you who have been here a while, you know that my blog is the polar opposite of a cult. Cults are all about the leaders doing the thinking for their followers. My blog has always been about encouraging people to think for themselves.

So it is fitting that I should call this show "Debriefed" since I am interviewing those of you who have left the three most populous cults: the cults of Mungerian paperbuggerdom, HMS goldbuggerdom and Sleepstream sheepledom (as well as a few others ;).

First up is Matrix Sentry, who has been following my blog since early 2009. A quick note on the editing: I have a 15 minute time limit, so if it seems like there are a lot of cuts, it was only to squeeze as much as possible into 15 minutes. I didn't edit anything to change what he had to say. And now, it is my pleasure to introduce you to me and Matrix Sentry:

Up next is RJ Padavona! I won't tell you who's third just yet, you'll have to stay tuned. But I put up a poll in the side bar to find out who you'd like to see me interview next. Here are the names in the poll, in alphabetical order:

Michael H
Victor the Cleaner

Whoever is in the lead, I'll hit up first, and then I'll work my way down the list. And as I said, my list is much longer than this. ;-)

Special thanks to Freegoldtube for technical assistance! If you have technical tips, please email me rather than posting them in the comments section. My email address is on my profile page which is linked in the side bar.



Max De Niro said...

Christmas has come early! Undoubtedly the most exciting event this year - rivaling the coming of Freegold itself, no doubt.

Max De Niro said...


sean said...

So that's how you pronounce "FOFOA"!! ;-)

Anonymous said...


I was fascinated watching your phsyognomy. you look exactly as I imaginated you to. I've seen your deep eyes, very serious and your smile, very bonhomme.
Life has prooved you a lot, my friend.
Glad to have seen you, a man you cannot forget.

Delusional Investing said...

Well, this seems like an appropriate time for a first comment. Hello all, nice to see you!

Robert said...

I have to admit, this does come as a bit of a shock!!!

Jeff said...

FOFOA revealed! Very surprising, indeed. I vote for an Aristotle interview, please?

50sQuiff said...

It's deeply disconcerting that your name isn't pronounced foff-oh-ah. I'm going to have to re-evaluate my world view.

Jamoo said...

Defintely love to see a conversation with Aristotle! FOFOA, you is 30 years younger than I imagined... I thought you would be old, like I imagine Another was when he was writing.

MatrixSentry said...


Congrats on your stepping out from the shadows! The natural question that comes to mind is after you have debriefed us, will you be debriefed? I think we can come up with a question or two for you ;-)

Airline Pilot and debrief are three words that I do not think go together well IMO, LOL!!! You know, the best flight is the one you hear nothing about and all that. I really had fun with it and thanks for introducing me to Skype! Really amazing stuff.

I am submitting to the poll and looking forward to your next debrief.

BTW, I know you give a lot for a non-subscription blog. Donation inbound my friend. I encourage everyone to consider a donation to help keep this unique blog available to us and the world.

DASK said...

Awesome initiative FOFOA. A brief window into various parts of the ant farm; you've gone and made it personal :)

Flore said...

Well, I met FOFOA last year... so I think I was probably one of the first to know who the yeti was... but I kept my promise not to reveal a thing to anybody. Great to see you came out of the shadows..These freegolders are still a small band of friends.. but the seeds are growing...as the world is turning towards a new system..Its really amazing how accurate and privileged our view on things is.. One can see through the lies immediatly now reading or watching politicians, Bernanke, Geithner.. etc speak.. truly amazing

DP said...

'Lies' is perhaps a little strong? Economy can be applied in all spheres of human experience - not least truth within conversation. You just have the Rosetta Stone that helps you hear the missing truths, between the lines.

RariNantes said...

Well, FOFOA, now that you decided to go public, I decided to post my first comment :-).
I'm one of the Belgian 'Freegolders'.

I see Flore is here too... great to meet you here!

Maybe this is the start of a first 'physical' international freegold meeting. Looking forward to that and ready to help organising when the time's there.

I'm in this since 2006 and happy to have found my Belgian friends on another internet forum. You're work, FOFOA, has been very interesting so far. I think it would be great you'd have an interview with our 'local' FOFOA: Geel Ijzer (translated: 'Yellow Metal'). I think you're already exchanging info with him and if not: Flore will certainly facilitate contact.

Thanks again for your efforts, a new reason to come back more often after having stopped reading so intensively (our Belgian forum consumes all of the time ;-)



PS: this might be of interest:


"Imagine if, over time, as our solar system swings around the Sun, the planet Jupiter suddenly put on a tremendous amount of weight. Over time the gravitational pull of the planets — and the Sun — would begin spinning around Jupiter, causing great celestial upheavals in the process.

Nobel laureate Robert Mundell likens that scenario to what has happened with currencies in the modern economic era."

Hmmm ... 'father of the euro' ... rings a bell :-)

Flore said...

DP.. I like that Rosetta Stone idea..

db said...

Hi, there's an occassional poster which I believe would be interesting to have interviewed, and whom I think would be up in the poll .... ENDER ....

Ampifix, I'm also in Madrid and I've already bought stuff from several guys, any hint as to trustable sellers? Don't like them knowing how much I might , so I like switching sellers


Michael H said...

Much de-anonymous-izing of bloggers happening lately. First Bron (OK, he was never really anonymous), then Warren, now FOFOA!

OT, via Orlov, something that might be interesting to JR:


and some quotes that might be interesting from a freegold-observer perspective:

“The future cannot be legislated. All that can be done is to anticipate its most important movements and to clear the path for them. That is exactly what we try to do.”


Kropotkin's approach to the approaching revolution was also as a scientist, similar to that of a seismologist predicting an earthquake based on tremors...

Aquilus said...

"Keep them long" (the posts). Yes! I second MatrixSentry on that one.

Nice to be able to put faces to go along with names..

And to further comment on the interview, the yearly compendiums helped me a lot.

I had them with me on my vacation in the wild parts of Europe earlier on this year in places where no Internet dares go. So thank you very much for putting them together.

There is also something to be said about just reading the posts chronologically without the distraction of the comments.

One last thing FOFOA: Aristotle should be included, even if audio or text interview only. Please?

Biju said...

FOFOA : Thank you for revealing, but on the other hand we have to
wipe off our imaginary idea about who are, just like one has to do
after seeing movie based on a book. It is not a major problem anyway,
because most of us are mostly thinking about your/ANOTHER's content
Instead of imagining how you look.

It is a surprise to know you are an American, I assumed you were English.

J said...

Where's Tyrone? I thought the first interview would go to him. Ha

I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but I'll be sure to once I finish work.

Out of your list I vote for VTC. If Ari or Ender was interested I would love to hear from them as well.

Issas Ekeret said...

Vote Hilda!

KindofBlue said...


Nice job turning the tables!

Anonymity is a natural, safe harbor for physical gold advocates though I'm sure most of us have from time to time have felt to 'ring the church bells' for those who have yet to see. Credit relationships are, of course, much harder to steal, but the banks and governments own that franchise anyway and hate the competition.

"The road will seem so straight and fair to travel you will kick yourself for stumbling through the brambles for so long, and wonder at your neighbors who still can't see the path, though it is truly a freeway." -- Aristotle

Yes, one more nod for the poet, Aristotle, whose contributions to the post "More Than Meets the Eye" was my 'ah-ha' moment.

I started saving in '03 when buying physical was more intuitive and a function of my personality. It wasn't until I encountered this blog (late '08-'09) that I finally got a handle on what money is and a true intellectual understanding of what I was doing.

This is gonna be fun... and thanks to Matrix Sentry for having a pair and going first.

milamber said...


I 2nd Ari in addition to the votes I did in the poll.

Also, I saw this today:

"The issue facing the modern United States as aptly noted by blogger FOFOA is that since the rest of the world uses the US dollar as a reserve behind their own currencies, that demand has allowed the United States to run a deficit in perpetuity and the mechanics of this trade has allowed the US to export price inflation abroad."



Anonymous said...

Wowie! A surprise indeed. I have often wondered what the enigmatic FOFOA actually looks like. Good to finally see you!

Also I always thought of it as "Foe-Foe-Uh".

JMan1959 said...

I vote we move Crack up the list, based on comedic value alone (although he is likely an alter ego of one of our own). If he really is someone's alter ego, he should do the entire interview in character, ala Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder.

JMan1959 said...

Link to an interesting article below by Eric Sprott on Zero Hedge. The short version is that he doesn't think there is enough scrap and new production to statisfy all the world gold demand the last few years, and postulates that it has to be the Central Banks selling. I know he is talking his book as usual, but can anyone debunk his theory of where the supply is coming from?


Aaron said...

There's the man! Great debrief FOFOA and Matrix Sentry!

burningfiat said...

Wow, Nice surprise FOFOA! Your looks and voice goes well with your writing.
You too Matrix!

Must have taken some courage to decide to step into the spotlight like that. Well done!


Ore em' said...

Wow, this post might shut down the interwebs. It's great to finally put a face to the name.

As for requests, I might be stating the obvious here, but how about Another and/or FOA? No doubt I ask too much, but a man can dream, yes?

J said...

FOFOA - Great to finally see your face after all these years!

Matrix Sentry - Great interview. I'm prior Navy as well.

I was also listed as an interesting follower. We now know who the Pilot for a Major airline is so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who I am. Hint - Unfortunately, I am not the multi-billionaire. I'm guessing Sprott for that one.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you FOFOA. I am somewhat disappointed though that it's Eff-Oh-Eff-Oh-A rather than Foe-Foe-Uh. Yet another illusion gone...

I'd vote for Aristotle and Ender unless you can get hold of FOA.


Indenture said...

Around my parts we call the Yeti the 'foe-Foe-ah'. Now that I have seen him, I thought he would e furrier.

50sQuiff said...

Nice interview matrixsentry! My vote for the second goes to the one and only Aristotle.

I also secretly hope that FOA has made contact with you FOFOA and that one day we'll hear from him again.

J said...

MTM Party news:

(Reuters) - Gold and gold receivables held by euro zone central banks rose in value by 45.5 billion euros to 479 billion euros after a quarterly revaluation, the European Central Bank said on Wednesday.

Net foreign exchange reserves in the Eurosystem of central banks fell by 5.8 billion euros to 229.2 billion euros, also reflecting the quarterly revaluation, while the combined balance sheet of the ECB and the 17 national central banks in the euro zone was worth just over 3 trillion euros.

ECB-Gold reserves rise 45.5 bln euros after quarterly revaluation

Nickelsaver said...


All I can say is, AWESOME!!

Funny thing about the pronunciation of FOFOA. A couple of months into my FOFOA addiction (incurable), my son says to me, "Dad, what's foe-foe-uh?", at which I replied, "That's eF-Oh-eF-Oh-Ayy, and don't you forget it!". lol

Seriously though, I couldn't be more excited about this new direction. Kudos!!

Boefke said...

Wow, this is what I call an event!

On economics and the golden path ahead there are little surprises left for the followers of your excellent blog. With this "stepping out of the shade" you are officially nominated for the Biggest Surprise Award 2012.

RJP looking forward to what néw surprises you have for us now ;)

ampmfix said...

Christmas came in early for sure! Thanks FOFOA, I am running out to get a nice bottle of champagne to drink during the interview. Can't wait to see other great contributors interviewed as well.

ampmfix said...

db, do you use skype? (you can create an account in 2 minutes and let me know in this blog so I can call/message you). I know just the right dealer to introduce to you. Not expensive and dependable (and discreet).

Hasta pronto.

Dante_Eu said...

Nice to finally see you FOFOA!

Oh man, you look...just like the ordinary dude! J6P! No wonder your gold dealer never suspected anything.

Also, you should lose some weight. On the bright side, you have much more hair than me. :-)

Take care\Dante

PS You are pronouncing FOFOA wrong man! What’s up with that? It should be Fo-Fo-Uh...???

Anonymous said...

Great to see you guys! Very cool.

Strange coincidence? I had a dream two nights ago where I was watching the spot gold price fall at a rapid pace through $360 or so - next dream frame it was flying up and through $38000 or so... and that's all I remember.

Last night I had a dream that I had met and talked with FOFOA via his proxy, Penn Jillette! haha! who then transformed into another character who I did not recognize. Unfortunately, I don't remember what exactly we talked about.

How odd is that? I click the blog today and BOOM, there's the man himself:) Pretty cool stuff. I look forward to the day when we all meet in person:)

Seems fitting to throw down this poem, my first, that I wrote many years ago upon waking. I guess it was merely transcribed by me...

In Dreams

Submerged in a dream
strange scenes always visit me
sometimes I see so easily
beautiful things that are soon to be
I try hard everyday
to bring back vague memories
sometimes I see so easily
beautiful things that will never be

ampmfix said...


I have many dreams myself everyday and remember all of them, sometimes they are what one could call a nightmare but I got used to them and since I am a tiny bit awake, I usually can will them into good outcomes, or just turn the dial and go to another sequence. A neurologist told me that I sleep very bad and don't rest well...
What I have verified over the years is that some dreams, sometimes, are visions of the real future. so you say 38,000? hmmm...

Return to Resistance said...

Great Idea! Looking forward to these interviews as these frequent contributors make this blog every bit as much as FOFOA's posts.

As long as FOFOA plans to interview everyone listed I don't have a preference.

Anonymous said...


Interesting. I often dream but don't always recall them in great detail. More like bits and pieces as opposed to full sequences. I've yet to have an actual nightmare that I can remember... seems I am a minority in that sense.

Oh yeah, it was rockin' through the $38000 level or so, in a vertical line on the chart, but I'm not sure where it went from there...


Bits and Pieces

MatrixSentry said...

From Jim Sinclair today:

Bernanke has succeeded so far in saving the financial world from bankruptcy. Now Bernanke and Draghi are in the business of saving countries from bankruptcy. It will work and that is why the wild bears on the euro are wrong. It will work. That is why the wild bulls on the dollar are wrong. Even the cartoon below is wrong.

So says Mr. Gold.

QE Is Working And Will Continue To Do So

Aquilus said...

Speaking of dreams and nightmares:

In all recent hyperinflations around the world there has always been another currency that was stable while the local currency was burning.

So if one had the stable foreign currency ($ usually), then they could safely accumulate that as they knew HI was coming, and they would have minimal purchasing power loss between that time and the start of HI.

With the world reserve currency going HI, even the euro will more than likely be hit initially, only to stabilize and serve as a UoA after a while. But the likelihood is that the stabilization will likely happen at a significantly lower purchasing power than today, so accumulating euros now is almost knowingly losing purchasing power.

I understand that gold will more than make up for losses, but here we're talking currency available for spending DURING the crisis, and as an honorary ant it's a tough choice to that keep currency to defend gold when your gold plan has not been reached. And yes, one can keep assets like silver to convert to MoE, but some currency always goes a long way.

Just to be clear: I logically understand what I need to do, but it's the greedy part of me(evil hoarder, jerk and cult member to) that's upset.

Motley Fool said...


A long way towards what? ;)


Aquilus said...

A long way towards being able to purchase what you want without the hassle of converting assets (silver, iPhones, flat screen TVs) to MoE.

Motley Fool said...


And what is it you would want?


Mike said...

i think the 3rd interview is Aristotle

Mike said...

Ender would be a great pick also

Aquilus said...


I want..

Ok, ok, I want the same old tired stuff as I do today: food, gasoline, energy, internet would be nice

See, in previous HIs, if you had dollars, you almost did not need local currency - it was already an accepted secondary currency (and a store of value).

Today, I don't see any currency I can hold without major devaluation from today, I have to go to assets. That was the whole point
of my dreams and nightmares comment.

Woland said...

Hello Victor;

Following your "debriefing", whenever it occurs, I will have
a gift for you - the 1996 Petroleum Club of Houston annual
yearbook, which I have just ordered. Since A/FOA began
posting in 1997, FOA should, in all probability, be among
the members at that date. Your research skills, together
with those of FOFOA, may, as the Royal Canadian Mounties
say, help us get our man. Not that one wishes to reveal his
identity. Just like his friend Dr Zjilistra, he deserves his privacy.
Nonetheless, if properly approached, he might be persuaded
to add a fitting coda to the trail on which he served as such
an able guide. Time will tell. Cheers.

Motley Fool said...


Well, food one can stock up on. Gas too, to some extent.

As for the rest, internet, mortgage payments, etc, either nobody will be able to pay for it, or most will. Neither scenario requires a stock up on a MoE; simply remunerated and heavily renegotiated work.


Motley Fool said...


Afair about 90% if income is spent on sustenance and energy by the bulk of the population during a HI. So stocking up on these puts you way ahead of the pack in terms of using your income on at that stage irrelevant things like internet and housing.


Michael dV said...

most excellent idea...but now the mystery is gone...our 'leader' is not wearing an eye patch or dressed in ninja costume....shit I guess we really are not a cult.

Aquilus said...


Wait, wait, you're running away from me ;)

I was not describing behavior in HI. My one and only "regret" is that along with gold, in this particular HI there is no ready made currency (including the euro) that could work as well as the $ worked in other HIs. With the $ in the other HIs you had both SoV and secondary MoE.

But this HI is different. And gold will do better than the $ did in those HIs.

So I don't dispute your preparation or comments, I simply pointed out a difference between Zimbabwe/Yugoslavia/etc HI and the coming HI here.

Winters said...

wow. definitely didn't see that one coming! The curtains are revealed but not the binoculars ;)

This will be an interesting series to watch. I'm a little puzzled over why though! I figured the anonymity was partly for physical security / security of the physical. I myself wish I hadn't spoken to so many of gold in the early days of walking the trail. I did so as back then it was a very strange idea to me to buy metal that didn't earn interest and wanted to see what others thought. A real paper bug!

Granted, a face only but the 'human flesh search engine' and Google can be powerful and once out of the bottle, identity can't be put back in!

Anyhoo - FOFOA - I hope your sister will forgive those frank comments around trusting her with your stash :)

Ideas for interviews
-FOFOA himself (we can supply questions)
-Tyler Durden (left of field yes, thought i'd throw it out there. Maybe I remember wrong but I think a few FOFOA articles appeared on ZH? Surely a reader even if a split personality HMS!)

FOFOA said...

Hello Victor,

"Nice to see you FOFOA. I am somewhat disappointed though that it's Eff-Oh-Eff-Oh-A rather than Foe-Foe-Uh. Yet another illusion gone..."

I usually say Eff-Oh-Eff-Oh-A on the rare occasions that I speak it out loud, kind of like I say Eff-Oh-A instead of Foe-Uh. Plus I think it sounds a little gay when I call myself Foe-Foe-Uh. But even so, Foe-Foe-Uh is what Warren James called me during my very first Skype call, and as you'll see in the third interview, Foe-Foe-Uh is what _______ calls me. So you can say it however you like on your interview!

BTW, I see you have a healthy lead in the poll. ;-)


Motley Fool said...


Skimming comments is a bad habit. My apologies. :)

I suppose we could look for insulated economies with small dollar assets and liabilities.

How about Iceland's currency?


Aquilus said...


Haha! Possibly stable, but something tells me that Iceland's krona won't pass mustard as a secondary, readily recognized and accepted currency.

No, this HI is different (the whole point of FO/FO/A )

dojufitz said...

Enjoyed the interview....when i wear my cap at work usually people ask me - what is Foe-Foe-Uh?

JR said...

F.O.F.O.A. != FOFOA, but YMMV.

Just as we saw amidst a more recent Frances religious furor, pedantic demagoguery is for the birds. There is no one truth (unless perhaps you're in a cult, and that has been disclaimed -jaja). What matters is not just how you see it, but your willingness and ability to see what others have to offer.

The superorganism doesn't travel alone, so why should you. The world is too big for a small minded outlook.

JR said...

FYI Evernote >>> PDFs

You get comments too and choose what you want to read. ( i use the app )

It's pretty idiot user friendly (LDO - I use it)


burningfiat said...

JR, If the world is big, there is obviously also room for the small minded outlooks!

Looking forward to a JR debriefing! :)

JR said...

The web clipper ap that let's you save web pages offline for later offline retrieval is - http://evernote.com/webclipper/

JR said...

Yes yes the world is not stuffy from lack of space, it's that you do yourself a disservice when you lie to yourself to pretend it's so.

JR said...

PS it's never gonna happen so don't get too excited. I'm no fun in person anyway!

RJPadavona said...

Great interview, Ron! And a sweet flattop too. Give your barber my commendations ;)

Not to sound like an ingrate, but do you have any plans on adding A,FOA, and HOF to the Air-Friendly compendiums?

Perhaps in Comments you could go into a little more detail on how your co-workers have responded to the FG education you've been enlightening them with. Are there any standouts among the bunch? Some who have picked up on these concepts a little easier than others? What are the most common barriers you've encountered when helping people comprehend this subject? ie: Specific baggage that some of your colleagues can't let go of. Or any other observations you've discovered while trying to help people learn.


The people have spoken and they want soft money. And according to the poll, they also want to see our favorite 007 James Bond doppelganger Victor the Cleaner too!

Will he do the interview incognegro with sunglasses and a fake nose or will he show up lucha libre style a la Mil Mascaras? Or will he surprise us all and show up as just plain ol' VtC in the flesh? Only time will tell how we get to see this mystery man.

Here's to hoping Victor makes like a central banker and gives the people what they want ;)


ampmfix said...


Nickelsaver said...

lol RJP...so what would it look like if Costata, JR, and Victor sat around the dinner table?


JR, we all know why you won't interview, and it's ok. Quoting FOFOA in response to questions from FOFOA would seem kinda strange.

Personally, I'd love to see a Victor and JR skype episode. FOFOA could show that Pay-per-view and make a killing. $$$


James Anderson said...

Great job FOFOA. I've been reading your posts in depth over the past couple of months (saw a couple posts about a year ago before but didn't really delve in until now), and I have to say that I've come to the Freegold side.

I started precious metals investing in 2010 with silver bullion via Mike Maloney et al, but I've now started buying more gold with my meager funds.

Thank you so much for taking the time to put all of these complex ideas into easily understandable blog posts. As I'm still reading through the many posts, I must apologize as I'm sure you've probably mentioned this before, but do you see competing local/private freegold currencies (city, state, inter-country corporate) coming into play post U$D hyperinflation?

As an anarcho-capitalist, I see the reason and inevitability of the Freegold theories (the debtors versus savers post really sealed the deal for me), and I'd like to know what you think about other currencies outside the scope of CB control.

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what you think about other currencies outside the scope of CB control

IMHO if they even come into existence they will die in burning flames just like bitcoin will.

Besides, local currencies would be annoying because then you'd have to keep changing your medium of exchange every time you went to a new area. Since you're holding fiat primarily as a medium of exchange and not as a store of value, a coerced national fiat like USD actually assists commerce and makes our lives easier.

I love fiat currency. I also love how the government forces everyone in the country accept it; it makes everything so much more convenient for me.

RJPadavona said...


Not sure what it would look like if those three sat around the dinner table with each other, but I'd definitely pay to see it!

And just in case they were to get in a heated argument, I'd be checking out JR's jewelry before they ever sat down :)

Nickelsaver said...

hey, now there's an idea? online poker game...count me in.

Wendy said...

This is fun!!! I'm with Victor on a vote for Ender.

Matrix I'm so glad to hear you work for Delta, because United breaks guitars ;)

FOFOA no surprises for me regarding your appearance .... I've seen the photo on your bedside table ;)

Aaron said...

FOFOA no surprises for me regarding your appearance .... I've seen the photo on your bedside table ;)

HA! You mean the one he took right after that skateboarding accident?

Michael dV said...

ok back to business
when FOA says that paper gold is used by some people like 'insurance stickers' as some kind of protection and not necessarily for income purposes, what does he mean?
I visualize folks buying GLD as insurance against inflation or perhaps owning some gold in a FOREX type platform to hedge against dollar movement.
Can anyone come up with a more obvious reason why some people would want lots of paper gold other than to speculate on the gold price movement? Is he even talking about investors? Does he mean larger institutions, perhaps even central banks (though I can't see them having use for anything other than physical.)
thanks all

Aaron said...

Here's the picture Wendy was talking about.

And here's the skateboarding reference to said picture:

Martijn said...

Hope the blurryness is not from the skateboarding accident.

Franco said...

Count me in the camp of people who are shocked, flabbergasted, and devastated that it's ef-oh-ef-oh-a and not foh-foh-ah.

Also count me in the camp of people who are shocked to actually see FOFOA.

Victory said...

...somebody needs to CALL TYRONE...

Wendy said...

Aaron, you are good :) I would have never found it!

yep, I guess 70's fashion in that pic :P

FOFOA, I'm happy to hear that you refer to yourself as FOFOA and not foo foo or something.

Aiionwatha's Nation said...

HOGG Bucks heading lower? Not yet I hope.

Tony said...

Wow....just wow. Love this move FOFOA.

I'm wrestling with who I'd like to see first in your next interview. I think I'm in a tie: I'm anxious to hear Victor the Cleaner's accent and see if Blondie is a real blonde!

Boopstir said...

wow I dont know what to say. this is crazy. not at all what I expected, but I never had an expectation! Is that really you fo-fo? I'm with Winters. Why is this a bit scary to me. I was just thinking it might be time to go dark!

Unknown said...

Dude!!! Please excuse the familiar expression. I am concerned for your safety given the USSA'S devolution to a police state. Do you really think it's wise to show your person to the world? Perhaps I'm just too cautious? Or neurotic? I just ask you to think through the probably possibilities. Keep up the good work. I read you regularly. Peace!!

Unknown said...

FOFOA reminds me of Chris Martenson.

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