Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Freegold Speakeasy

Date: Thu Apr 09 1998 19:22

I wish you the blessing,
"to walk tall with wealth, for all your days",
"that one may complete the journey that is given
for all to travel". I do instruct "another" to
send my "thoughts" where "ears do not bite"!

Trail Guide (7/8/01; msg#: 57668)
I must go where "Ears do not bite"!

I'm back to discussing this in private with select people
that want to hear it and debate it in private.
I'll stay in touch with you and discuss as you may want?

Good luck all, I did my best to plant the seeds of thought.
Own the wealth of gold and they will grow for you!

For anyone who didn't read all the way to the bottom of my last post, here's how it ended:

I have a confession to make. More than two years ago at FOFCON, on January 26, 2013, I launched a second blog called the Freegold Speakeasy. Some of you have wondered where a lot of the commenters disappeared to, and now you know. The Speakeasy is a hangout for my top supporters. Anyone whose donations reached a certain level received a private invitation and, once inside, they learned that the #1 rule was the same as the Fight Club—you don't talk about the Speakeasy anywhere except inside the Speakeasy, and they kept the secret very well! :D

Today I am making the Speakeasy available to anyone for a small subscription fee. The subscription will be $110 for six months, which works out to about $18 per month, or the cost of a Grande Oprah Chai Latte at Starbucks once a week, and zero calories to boot!

The post above, "Clean Float – Why the Dollar Must Collapse", is a shorter version of the one you'll find at the Speakeasy, which is more than twice as long and much more detailed. It also already has more than 50 comments under it. In addition to that, there are 35 archived posts, including at least a dozen that never appeared here in any form, with names like…

Another's Wager
Another Angle on GLD
Another Angle on GLD 2
Gold: The World's Best Store of Value
Pricing DP
Random Thoughts
Runaway Train
The Circle Jerk
Ugly Gold Event
Where is Victor Aiming?
Why Paper Gold Can't Go Much Higher (or Lower)
Why Robert Mundell is Wrong

At the Speakeasy, I post and comment more often than I have in many years here at the main blog. It's more like the early years, and it's a friendly group of people. That was the main reason I started it.

So what you'll get for about 60 cents a day is a thriving discussion forum with many familiar faces, more posts and direct interaction with me, an archive of additional posts, and the full version of this post as well as all future posts. I will also be discontinuing the comment section at this blog.

If you have been following the comments here, please don't think of this as something lost. Think of it as something gained, because the Speakeasy comments are awesome, and I'm pleased to be opening it up to you. But if you are a troll, don't bother subscribing, because trolls will not be tolerated. And if you're looking for trading advice, timing charts, nonsensical gold hype and hyperbole, or big geopolitical conspiracy theories, then the Speakeasy is probably not the place for you.

If you, however, would like to follow my thoughts on current events, plus all of the good stuff from this blog and none of the trolls, then the Speakeasy is a good blog and a vibrant, ongoing discussion forum. You don't need to comment or even reveal your presence. I have many lurkers and welcome more! So if you'd like to join, just CLICK HERE to subscribe.

If you choose to subscribe, please be patient because admission is not automatic. I need to send you an invitation after you subscribe, so please allow several hours in case I'm away from the computer, though in most cases it will be very fast.

Since comments at this blog are now closed, if you have any questions or difficulty subscribing, you can always find my email address by clicking on my profile. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and I look forward to seeing you over at the Speakeasy!


That was ten days ago. There are now more than 300 new comments and a new post I put up titled "Picassos, Strads, Nobels, Hondas and Bananas". And last week I had to move the Speakeasy from a free Blogger site like this one to a premium platform to accommodate the volume of subscribers.

If you would like to join the private discussion, or just follow along quietly, please CLICK HERE to subscribe. :D