Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nice Video from iTulip Films


SatyaPranava said...

i'm w/in 4 mos of real time...creeping closer.

btw, this is one of my very favorite videos of the crisis in the past year. sadly, I wish it were updated a bit, even though we've "calmed" down a bit. i'm sure there will be plenty more to video about quite soon....sadly.

FOFOA said...


I love this video too.

I am honored that you think my posts are worth catching up on. I think some others are doing the same thing (from Google stats), but it is nice that you post comments. Thank you!


SatyaPranava said...

my pleasure. no need to feel honored..just keep dishing out interesting perspectives on which the minds wanting more wish to chew!

FOFOA said...

I can only write when there is something worth writing. It just comes to me as I scour the news of the day. I feel we are close to something big. I anticipate inspiration coming soon. ;)

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