Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween


Anonymous said...


Happy Halloween to you too! And thanks for this awesome blog!
In the spirit of the holidays can you share about how loved ones and friends take the info and adivise you give?

Im not sure if Im not speaking their language sometimes, but my fam and friends just arent understanding anything. Even in this late stage of the game, when their jobs and life savings are being stolen right in front of their very eyes.

Do you have some kind of magic pill you can recommend for fam and friends?

Thanks again for your faithful service to the TRUTH/GOLD!

FOFOA said...

Hello Anon,

Thank you for the holiday wishes and for the kind compliment! I wish I had a magic bullet to tell you about, but the fact of the matter is that family and friends are the hardest people to deal with. I have given it a great deal of thought and I have decided to keep this blog separate from my family. They do not know about it! Sad as that is, there are many complex reasons why. First, it would affect my writing if I knew it was being viewed by my family. Second, it would affect my personal efforts to encourage them in the right direction. They would think I was just talking my book.

I have made much progress with them though. I have two aunts who have transferred a great deal of their lifetime savings out of the system and into the private storage we espouse here. Some of my closer family members, though, have been tougher cookies to crack.

I don't have a magic pill when it comes to family and close friends. The best advice I can give you is to let your comfort level show through. When the economy is making everyone else scared, let them see how calm you are. Let them ask why you are so comfortable! If they ask, then it is easy to lead them in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

What's so damn happy about Halloween anyway? All the people dressed up as statesman on The Hill who pretend to give a shit?


Anonymous said...

Many who try to espouse sound money virtues are met by blank stares, I know I am. I have given up therefore. A brother in "banking" reacts with dismissive contempt to ideas of physical PM's. Ipso facto; Look after yourself!

Any honest appraisal of the nightmarish imbalances is greeted by a "dude, thats so depressing, cheer up, lighten up, I cant be around such negative thoughts."

The West, and particularly the USSA, has gradually been afflicted by a "land of the lotus eaters" mentality. Americans have become "stepford people" (not only wives) and have become functionally lobotomized. When you travel and meet other nationalities you realize how jarringly extreme this has beome. The MSM has done their job respundingly well!

Anecdote; In reply to an american doctor who inquired what "should have been done" instead of the TARP malfeasance, I briefly described the Swedish banking crisis etc. He walked up to a wall map and studied it for 3-4 mins before asking me to "show me where sweden is...."

When a country is as financially and intellectually bankrupt as the USSA, pray tell me... what is left?


Anonymous said...

PS. SHOULD READ - resoundingly well

Anonymous said...

Not only USSA. I've been trying to explain things to my folks in Germany. It's not so rosy here too, the MSM is even worse than across the pond. They won't hear anything, some have been even aggressive. Therefore I've give up. Some arrogant people even deserve their destine!

And yes, I hate Halloween too! It's so stupid!


Anonymous said...

Continuing this theme of broadly pervasive and seductive MSM monetary propaganda.

I have been "on board" with the coming K winter for several years now and have prepared myself fully. Despite knowing better, I often feel a powerful "gravitational pull" to "re-join the party and drink the coolaid"... it is an extraordinary feeling. One occasionally wonders about the sanity of one's financially apocolyptic beliefs.

The MSM siren song is indeed powerful and I feel like ulysses bound to the mast and with ears plugged by beeswax, begging his crew to release him to cavort amongst the beautiful, beckoning, but deadly sirens.

Anyone else feel these irrational urges, or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

My family is in Europe and i live in Canada. Couple people from back home in Europe are working at banks, univeristy educated people, have no clue what's going on. When you try to mention sound money or wealth preservation they stare like deer in headlights at you. But both sides of my family are the same, Canada part and Europe part. I am not sure if i can ever be comfortable with knowing how my family members support corrupt ponzi schemes and trust in something that is meant to take advatage of them, even though iam comfortable with my own actions. They will probably never change or understand since most of the people must be part of the majority thinking , they can't exist or function knowing they are different than their neighbours or coworkers, they compare their ideas with their peers and try to fit in

Anonymous said...

My family are all Christians in the US and Im in Eastern Europe, living in a self sufficient village;-) Anyway when I point out how evil our fiancial system is. They kind act like they agree for the moment then forget about it, or say its just the way it is what can we do about it anyway.

I show them that Jews, Muslims, and Christian teachings are all against this form of debt system. But they give me the glazed over "Lotus Eater Eyes" and change the subject.

My challenge to all Christians, Jews, and Muslims reading this, is to live by your teachings. Practice what you preach. Get sound money and stop using paper lies that enslave and destroy the weakest and poorest people of our countries.

You will be rewarded for your troubles when Gold resets, so do the right thing and limit or completly stop participating in this financial nightmare.

Stop being hypocrites and practice what you preach.

Anonymous said...


Do you know much about German law regarding gold and silver? My girlfriend was there this summer and said that customs asked if she had Gold. I assume they want her to declare any Gold. Do you know what thats about? Does it apply to silver to? Do you have to pay tax or duty on a certain amount of Gold?

At some point when I need some more paper money for food, I was planning on coming over to Germany or Austria to sell some coins, so any info would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, fofoa! Thank you for excellent reading.

Halloween stupid holiday, but less consumerist than xmas! (So far!)

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:05

As you don't pay VAT on gold, I don't know why they should ask. For silver we pay 19% VAT, so you have to pay. Gold = money, silver is commodity and you pay twice - if you bring it in (import) if you take it back (export).

BTW whenever I wished to cut short any "friendship" I just had to speak about REALITY. People NEED their lies and self elected ignorance, they are too lazy to think for themselves. I always hear they don't trust the polical cast, but they never try to find out what happens. Nobody can imagine to which extent we are being lied to here in Germany!!! same goes with France, Spain!

If anyone can make some recomendations for web site in French - exept voltairenet - I would be very greatful. About our situation here I only get news via USA blogs and comments!!!! Stupid Europeans that we are! More shame on us!



MichaelB said...

Eric's site is in multiple languages and based in France.

Ye Ol' Limerick of (orange) Liquidities:

There was a great pumpkin called Conformist.
The light he put out was enormous.
He smiled when he talked,
But his collateral had walked,
And everything he had became porous.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info on Germany. I think Leap2020 is European, but youve probably checked them out already.

You know the gold seems cheaper here in Eastern Europe. Everyones so broke now with the financial crisis they arent buying much gold. Plus, they dont seem to understand the value of it almost the same as Americans. They do value gold jewelry, but bullion not so much.

Someone once told me Jews buy gold in these "cheap" countries and sell it in the more "expencive" countries. Arbitrage.

I dont know how legal it is, but an interesting idea none the less with the price of RyanAir flights or train rides.

I notice that the German ebay prices are more for Silver and Gold coins then what they are in the states. Personaly, I consider Gold and Silver money and myself a soveriegn person, so I travel with my "money" whereever I want. No problems yet, but I am a "creative" traveler;-)

Anonymous said...

first and foremost! dear FOA, tx for this wonderful blog! and yeah, happy halloween to you/all too!

in the recent posts, there have been some questions as to customs and gold/silver in europe! as far as I could determine, you are allowed to carry cash in the amount up to 10.000 E with you coming from the USA. travelling in europe the same amount is allowed when crossing borders here. the 10.000 E amount should not be exceeded when carrying silver/gold
coins, which is not so bad considering that you only have to add up the face value of these coins, not their respective true value!!! 1.50 euro face value on austrian silver philh.1oz. coins, or 2000 old austrian s = around 145E for 1oz austrian philh. gold coins. btw in germany silvercoins have a VAT of only 7% and they sell coins up till 100oz (cook island)19% VAT only for the bars, in austria for both 20% VAT.

as to how much gold/silver you can legally import into the usa I don´t know!

all the best from austria

Anonymous said...

I am Russian and find that my family does listen to me only to the extent they respect me. They appear to be very much excited to learn a new revealing history lesson about how things really do work, but they refuse to act on it.

Like a commenter above have noted, most of all they wish to fit in, with what other people feel and know.

They also are getting horrified by some of the in-depth explanations of money and power matters, and then they ask me not to mind the reality. Their deep belief is that nothing is changeable, and with a lifespan of a man being as short as it is, there is absolutely no reason to try to change anything.

Pretty disappointing, I must say.

My friend here in US are listening but with a "lotus look". The difference I find glaring is that people here do not have most basic education, and all these things sound like folk stories to them. Just like someone mentioned about a doctor. It's like you're talking about Mars.

I find that almost no one realizes what exactly makes this country so special. The constitution is regarded as a conspiracy theory, short of just being happy about the flag the constitution.

Another glaring difference is that people here believe that US is omni powerful. They have this belief that somehow, the whole scam will continue in their favor. I understand that is because it has been for as long as they were alive.

I can't tell anything about my close friends here, because they just won't let me know what they really think. Likely, they take me for a fruit-cake, as no one acts on the knowledge they can't argue with.

Another observation is that if you successfully predict something in Russia, they tend to give you credit, against all mass propaganda sources and everyone else, until your next wrong. What I see here, in US, is that nothing can change people's affection for established mass propaganda sources. Comparing to Russia, Americans trust their propaganda hugely. This remind me Soviet Union of post war times. Not heart broken yet.

I can't tell you guys anything about rules of customs with regards to metals, since I won't even fathom to take anything to Russia.

Oh yes, and all the "amazing news" about Russian coming to power in western press is simply a joke. I don't know who is doing this, who benefits, but Russia is no better than Africa right now, and it continues to descend on all fronts.
That is the price you pay for communism (may-be this is what is being attempted to be removed from a public view?).

Happy Halloween!

Hugo said...

Happy halloween Fofoa.

Thank you for your clear insights and thinking. I live in Holland and really like to translate your writings into Dutch. If you agree it will be posted on a libertarian website ( so I have to slighty adjusted your writings to make it 'fit' for the Eurozone. Ofcourse you will get the credits. You have my word of trying to translate as good as I can. I do my utmost best to get as few words as possible ''lost in translation''. If you don't like it, I'll restrain, just say so. I would like to start translating gold is money.

kodiak said...

Happy Halloween to all. Sincere best wishes to FOFOA for an incredible blog. This should be required reading for any persom who has a sense of what is coming down the road. Incredible content. To those who have spoke of trying to communicate their fears with those who still reside in Fantasyland I can tell you it seems to be a universal problem. The Kool-aid must be very addictive. All the best and again Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. I feel so fortunate to have found this site.

FOFOA said...

Hello Hugo,

You have my permission to proceed!


Anonymous said...

It is good to read your experiences regarding talking with friends and family. I have made the same experience with only one exception.

I differentiate the following pattern / characters:

- Emotionally not stable enough to confront them self with the possibility of tomorrow might be a lot worse than today. Telling or confronting these people will mostly (there is hope!) change noting, but give them 5 nights of bad sleep.

- Agreeing with you before you finish your argument or story. People who don't listen and never ask questions of understanding. Don't waste your time if you detect that.

- Seeing that the outlook is not good, but are unable to listen or educate one "why it is that" and what they personally can to to protect them self. Acting is for them (in my believe) the final step to the acknowledgment of their own fears - and they do not want to acknowledge - they want hope and peace of mind! There is already doubt, but it takes a lot of time but you have to build a perspective for them.

- Do dumb to get the things together, concentrate to read a book or longer article, or follow a in-depth talk/presentation. Mostly they do for the next hour what the last one told them. If you leave and they switch the TV on, they are back on line with what the news media tells them (everything will be o.k.... wuuaahhhhh :-) You have to babysit them to make the actions and should be aware that you should be very sure of what you do.

- Highly educated, approx. 50+ and in complete denial. Don't listen to arguments, do not want to listen or argument and try to ridicule you without (well founded) arguments. They want to protect their illusion. Sometime this also applies to people which are heavily in debt, but still make a living and hope for the best.

Sorry, If I'm to stereotypical - but that sums it up for me, that are my stereotypical categories. Don't get me started on topics of additional preparations - I don't even touch that topic anymore as that brings out the utmost wall of denial and defense in most people.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else get the idea that the whole swine flu epidemic in Ukraine is a bunch of crap? The IMF had some problems with Ukraine the day before and then boom the next day Swine Flu fever.

Cant pay your debts, just default and blame it on that big bad ugly Swine Flu! After all if the plan is good enough for the US then its good enough for Ukraine, right?

It seems to me the new out for any economic problem is, the Swine Flu made these problems.

Blame it on the Swine Flu.

Our economy would have been in recovery, but then that darn Swine Flu popped up scared everyone and then everything fell apart.

And again I say welcome to 1984.

When do the silly games end?

Anonymous said...

I don't really talk about it with the people that I know. Most are in total denial and those who do have some understanding of the problems we're facing seem to believe we'll magically pull through because these kind of things just don't happen in the West.

Yesterday I was talking to someone about how another nine banks failed in the US and he said he's not worried because all of his money in his bank account is insured. I asked him where this government fund will get the money to give back every saver the money they lost. The government will back it, he said. I then asked him if he ever thought about where the government was going to get this money, but the only thing he could come up with was that I shouldn't be so pessimistic.

Martijn said...

but the only thing he could come up with was that I shouldn't be so pessimistic.

The thing is that the one thing we are not is pessimistic. The current system will not suffice for the future. Acting pro-actively and thinking of ways to change the system is a positive thing in my book.

After all we are not embracing misery, we are trying to steer away from it.

alek_a said...

To all of you that want to convince others or just to let them see things as we do on this blog here:

It is a political issue. It is impossible to talk about it without conveying libertarian thought at a certain moment. People are not open to that (or meritocracy) these days.

Anonymous said...


last week i did my bit and bought
3oz of Gold and 60oz Silver...
the people i tell about the current dire situation - and i suggest some bullion - all of them have no spare money as it is all being poured into over inflated house debt.

Anonymous said...

A couple of people have brought up a subject of debt. Without drawing it out, I just wanted to point out that the debt and the act of default are the means and method of converting to the future system.

A lot of people do not realize this, and advice wrong. The weakest point this paper system has is that it can't have punishment for default, because ultimate payment isn't ever supposed to happen anyway.

Thus, it is the weakest part and should be given proper attention. By you struggling and paying back all you do is prolong the life of a monster.

I can't advise you anything so openly, but please put two and two together, your need to "act" and what I just said. This should suddenly open a huge opportunity for you. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon @2:10

From now on I think we have to expect the swine flu developping rapidly at same pace with the "crisis". Dollar down, swine flu and numbers of deceased high. It's working! This will be the black swan #1. And to top it maybe a war next.
Other options?

Anonymous said...

Yep. To save the system they are going to need to control everyone's income, expenses, actions, movement. They are going to need a very good reason for that. Swine Flu just might be their good reason.

FOFOA said...

Thank you everyone for all the warm holiday wishes and the great thoughts on sharing with others!

The insight about respect was particularly apt, I thought. People will only listen to you to the extent that they respect you.

Respect takes years to build, so it is tough to share gold with someone who doesn't already have great respect for you and your thoughts. But whatever the level of existing respect, I think it can be enhanced through your calm and confident disposition as financial calamity unfolds. People will notice this, whether they respect you or not. And they will want to know, "what is your secret?"


Anonymous said...

Well Said FOFOA!

Anonymous said...

Ukraine is shut down. People are in a panic, no one is going outside of their homes. My clients have called and said theyre going to the countryside until the panic goes away.

If the media doesnt stop fanning the flames this is going to get much worse. The media is saying 10 people a day are dying now. Wait for the currency traders to catch on. Ukraine currency is looking prime for shorting.

How long will it take for the super markets to run out of food? Thats the question Im asking myself as this unfolds.

Maybe Ukraine is a test run country to see what happens. If the Gov's and bankers like the outcome. Then look out America and England your next!

I dont see police and soldiers yet but there are all kinds of rumors flying around.

Im learning human panic is a strange thing. Seems to resemble what Ive seen of sheep, so far.

S said...

why is IMF selling to India?

FOFOA said...

Perhaps it is a message to China? Maybe there is more geopolitical benefit there?

FOFOA said...

Belgian's response (translated from Dutch):


200 of the 403 tonnes of IMF gold goes to ... India!

Is a political maneuver against China's gold lust and the China-Pakistan relationship. The $-regime/IMF will surrender their gold to India (which will provide more geopolitics than China).

All in all a nice surprise that the Chinese will certainly remember.

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