Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 2 - Early Poll Indications

I am heartened by the results thus far. Some of you have brought tears to my eyes, and you know who you are. It is looking very promising that this will not be me:

When you make a donation you get to leave a comment, or a reason, or a purpose for the donation. These are great! Here are the ones from yesterday...

Purpose: To keep you from flipping burgers

Avoiding McDonalds!

Step away from the burgers!

Great site, keep it going!

Because the wisdom you are giving is priceless.

A vote of support and appreciation for your good efforts.

please continue your work - small gesture but hoping others do same

FOFOA blog must survive together with its owner

Purpose: Enlightenment

Enjoy your writings very much, I'm sorry I can't give more.

Help to support one of the best blogs. (Favourite.)

Thank you for sharing your insight. I hope you are right!

Best econ writer living.....

So FOFOA can eat and pay the bills

thanks for giving insight and education

for the Jedi

Keep informing the public.

Saving Hamburgers From Personal Assault

Keep Up the Good Work - I've learned a lot from you

Message: keep it up!

Continue to Educate The Few

Great Job! Hang in there we need your knowledge!

Helping a friend

support your blog Mr Fofoa

Hamburgers my ass! You have a unique and valuable perspective, and I enjoy your commentaries very much and in the last 2 years have learned A LOT! Thank you, and hope you stick around. By the way, consider charging a subscription for your info - I for one would pay in a heartbeat. In fact, I am!

that's about 3 hours worth of flipping... good luck!!

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and analysis ; these are always very original and relevant.

Purpose: Invaluable financial insight

small appreciation for much value

Good Guy Reward

thank you for all of your thoughts, your lessons, and your shared wisdom

Write, teach, learn. Is there really anything else?

You help illuminate a very dark world with truth. I've read all your work for over a year and I forward your articles to many whom I'm trying to "convert." PLEASE keep up the outstanding work! Many many thanks.

we want more fofoa

Purpose: Please keep enlightening me!!!

affirmative vote

Invaluable financial insight

Thank you so much for helping understand.

No flipping

Purpose: FOFOA Fee

Here's the poll question:

Is my time more valuable here sharing my Thoughts, or flipping burgers to protect my savings?

A) Here

B) McDonald's

To answer A, please click the donation button below and cast the desired weight of your vote. For B, don't do anything.

What a great time to be here. I got a feelin...


Jeff said...

Glad to see people value your blog. In my case, it is the most expensive blog I have ever read because it gives me the intestinal fortitude to buy gold, even at the recent higher prices, and at the expense of some other things I have gone without.

I donated, and hope I can give more in the future. Times are tough for all of us. Best of luck, FOFOA.

Greyfox "It's the Debt, Stupid" said...

Bless You for the generous support.

nickz said...
Ante up folks. FOFOA's product is unique and his wisdom is of a uniquely rare variety.
I'm in for $500.

Greyfox "It's the Debt, Stupid" said...

Hurry and get rid of your Yankee Dollars (FRN's) while they are still worth something. Send them to FOFOA.

Evans-Pritchard Announces Fed Contemplating $5 Trillion QE Expansion

"...Bernanke has now completely cornered himself, and facing a newly collapsing economy, is left with just one recourse: the printing of more, more, more paper."

Anonymous said...

fofoa, please keep up the good work, I will donate as soon as possible.

GoldSubject said...

The thought of this sublime intellectual having to flip burgers or liquidate some of his gold is absolutely unbearable!

I'll be emailing you to request an absentee ballot :-)

costata said...

It would be a truly sad irony if a man who has/is helping us to protect our wealth had to sacrifice his own to do so.

For those with means that far exceed their needs, as nickz said:
"Ante up folks."

For those with limited means I propose a "Two For One Offer".

Once the ballot comes to an end I think that FOFOA should add up all of the donations under $50 and advise the total, via e-mail, to anyone who wants to participate. We can then try to match that total dollar for dollar. (While they are still worth something.)

Indenture said...

Thanks Costata:

I didn't know the cut off line for donations was $50. Seriously, FOFOA is the only blog I have ever donated to and I was wondering what a 'standard/good' amount should be.

In the Big Picture (for those of us who instinctively know just how important his words have been and the direction he has guided us towards) $50 is an easy number to embrace.

costata said...


I just picked a random number ($50) for calculating the pool that we could try and match dollar-for-dollar at the end of the ballot.

I feel sure FOFOA will appreciate any amount that people can spare according to their means.

I also wanted to encourage anyone who was hesitating to donate because they felt that a small contribution would not make a difference.

Anonymous said...

fofoa I hope that you do not mind small dollar contributions like $10 or something like that.

This is because in your currency $10 may not be much but in my currency they are a lot, and probably for other people from countries like Indonesia etc $10 are really a big amount.

so I hope you don't mind.

Pining for the Fjords said...

I have never donated to a blog of any kind, but I donated to this one, and more is on the way.

Your insight is unique (one blog I read had a comment along the lines of 'people are awaiting the next FOFOA post like the old Sears Roebuck catalogue"). Suffice to say that your voice carries farther and louder than you know... so TESTIFY, BROTHER! Long and loud, and say it proud.

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