Thursday, March 12, 2009

Connecting Dots

The purpose of this post is to redirect you to the comments section of my previous post, where I have been connecting some dots today. If you have spotted some dots of your own out there in dot-land, please feel free to add to the picture. The dots start on comment #6.



Anonymous said...


Look like we'v got another dot here. Nothing on Mundell but remember we know Putin is in favour of GOLD and they seems close to Robert.

Lets watch the wave of nature and see if freegold can surf along on that wave to manifest.


FOFOA said...

Thanks Shanti!

Keep them dots coming. This is a big intricate picture we are observing.

I'm about to make a post regarding the current wave that is building up.

My instinct tells me that Freegold is lining up for around the beginning of 2010, the same time Putin and others are thinking about a currency change. But from here to there should be a bumpy ride. You know how violent a wave is once it peaks and then crashes.

My gut also tells me that IMF SDR's are not exactly what Russia has in mind. And the G20 certainly doesn't seem very dollar friendly right now. More like the G18 vs. the G2.


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