Saturday, March 7, 2009

News From The Hyperinflation Rumor Mill

Here's the thread.


Anonymous said...

Thanks FOFOA for that information!

Here's good article from Deepcaster.

FOFOA said...

Thanks Anon,

Very good article. Hyperlink

Market intervention and manipulation is becoming more and more clear. The manipulators cannot control where it is going, but they can delay the inevitable from time to time. If they are successful as I'm sure they hope to be, they will succeed in delaying it until they are prepared to gain maximum benefit from letting nature take its course. It's like they are holding back the ocean. It cannot be held back forever.

What does this mean? It means that at some point they will simply let go. And all at the same time, we will see banks failing because the secret Fed facilities will simply stop backstopping them. The stock markets will go into freefall because the PPT will stop buying futures. The dollar will crash because the Fed will stop backstopping TBill investors, and will instead only backstop the Treasury itself with massive suicidal printing. This will lead quickly to hyperinflation. And the true value of gold will be revealed, because the highly leveraged paper futures markets will fail when the Fed stops its covert support of this scheme. You can bet that the key players are accumulating their own stash right now as they use taxpayer dollars to keep the price of gold down.

Of course all of these things would have happened last summer were it not for the Federal Reserve and its covert actions. Perhaps they would have happened a year ago when Bear Stearns failed. Which begs the question, how long can they hold the tide back? It seems like the longer they do, the more tenuous their "control" becomes. So I think we are approaching the end.

April seems likely for a number of reasons. The G20 will meet on April 2nd and will likely fail to revive any confidence in the current system. Tax day will come on April 15th and the IRS will be faced with a tidal wave of Capital Losses, not Capital Gains from which to draw taxes. And of course we have the Economic Confidence Model turning point of April 19th. A date when public confidence should take a turn in one direction or another.

As I have said, I am an Amero skeptic. But as Deepcaster says, they will likely fail at this even if it IS their endgame plan. I mean look at Mexico right now. It is not the same Mexico that it was when Bush met with Vicente Fox several years ago. I think the endgame now is likely the very comfortable survival of the individual criminals, through the accumulation and hoarding of the one asset they know they can set free.

So, as an old friend said once or twice before, "We watch these changes together, yes?"


Anonymous said...


These are very interesting times we live in. Unfortunately, the total breakdown of the US fiat currency system will lead to socioeconomic chaos. Well, maybe it is our destiny. All great empires do die eventually, like the Roman Empire, Persian Empire, British Empire, USSR Empire, etc.

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